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A Hyper-personalized cannabis experience that’s easy to achieve. With thousands of strains on the market for both medicinal and recreational use, how do you choose the product that gives you the intensity and effect you seek?

That’s where GRAMSS comes in. GRAMSS is a smart platform for cannabis consumers. It incorporates AI and BIG DATA technology to learn your personal preferences and your physical parameters to deliver the perfect cannabis experience, whether your purposes are medicinal or recreational.

You control your experience

How it works

Do you need pain control? Are you trying to overcome insomnia? Do you want to relax after work? Customize your cannabis experience.
Choose your plan(s).. or create your own plan(s)
Scale your consumption each session with our Grinder & Scale, or manually
Rate Your Strain! for each session

Available from April-22 on your

GRAMSS Grinder & Scale

High quality Grinder & Scale that you can take anywhere

GRAMSS Grinder is the most advance grinder on market, with an integrated high accuracy scale, up to 0.01g, and removable teeth for easy maintenance.

GRAMSS Grinder was designed to grind & scale as you go, hand-size dimensions and a clean look.


Scale, Up to 0.01g
Removable teeth
Hand Size Dimensions

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable each user to unlock the powerful benefits of cannabis in a way that serves him or her the BEST.

There are a wide variety of cannabis strains. Each strain has individual properties and behavior – and interacts uniquely with each user. Research is uncovering new information about this plant on a regular basis: vast medicinal properties are uncovered in certain strains, while other strains are more attuned to recreational usage. We are still learning about this extraordinary plant and how to consistently retrieve excellent results medically and recreationally.

That’s where Gramms comes in. We have harnessed technology and the opportunity of machine learning to deliver a hyper-personalized cannabis usage platform that suits both medical and recreational users.

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