Grind & scale
in a single step

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GRAMSS Grinder&Scale

Is a high quality Grinder & Scale that you can take anywhere

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale is the most advanced herb grinder on the market, with an integrated highly accurate scale, up to 0.01g, and removable teeth for easy maintenance.

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale was designed to grind & scale as you go, with handheld dimensions and a clean look.

powerful application


run a full dairy and track each session. keep track by different plans, to suit your desires


share your information; with you Dr. for example


rate each sessions through the automated GRAMSS Survey system.


GRAMSS algorythem learns all surveys to rate YOU the TOP RATED strain.

one of a kind


High-quality removable shredding teeth, to grind your flower smooth and keep it clean easily


Keep on a fixed dose. up to 0.35g capacity per session


Keep track of your stash! Max 50g capacity

hacking the world of cannabis

We believe that by harnessing the technologies surrounding us we can unlock the wonder called ‘Cannabis’ in a way that will suit each and his or her need! 

Join us on the journey to change the world of cannabis

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