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GRAMSS Grinder&Scale is the most advanced grinder in the market, which comes with an integrated highly accurate scale (0.01g / Max50g) to scale & track each session, every time!

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale was designed for easy & reliable use, to grind & scale at the same time, with BLT communication.



NOW! available to order in the US

Delivery starts on 4/20

49.00 $ Exc. Vat


  • Height 1.37” – 35mm
  • Width 2.4” – 61mm
  • Weight 1.95Oz – 55g

Technical Specification

  • High Accurate Weight Sensor, 0.01g
  • Max Capacity 50g
  • Lithium Battery 3.6V, Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth 2.4-GHz

What's in the box?

  • USB-C Charging Cable, o.5m
  • Small Cleaning Brush

Advanced Hyper-Personalized Cannabis Platform

High Quality Scale, 0.01g Accuracy

Up to 50g

Black - Cahrging 600px

Removable teeth, for easy maintenance

BIG things are coming. Stay Tuned!

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