Control Your Consumption

Scale, Track & Customize Your Experience 

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale

High quality herb Grinder & Scale that you can take anywhere

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale is the most advanced herb grinder on the market, with an integrated high accuracy scale, up to 0.01g, and removable teeth for easy maintenance.

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale was designed to grind & scale as you go, with handheld dimensions and a clean look.

How it works

Do you need pain control? Are you trying to overcome insomnia? Do you want to relax after work? Customize your experience

1. Scale
each session at 10mg accuracy
2. Track
your historical session & share
3. Customize
the TOP rated strain with a simple survy system

Control Your Health

Keep a fix dose on a constant time

Share the info with your Dr. for a better treatment

Avoid building tolerance

Save money by keeping a fix dose on a constant time

Stay Tuned!

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