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The magic called micro-dosing!

Cannabis micro-dosing is a practice that involves consuming small amounts of cannabis to achieve the desired effects without getting high.

DATA to empower cannabis.

The global legalization of cannabis has led to a peak in its consumption and the need for data-driven insights and


Most frequent questions and answers

The GRAMSS Grinder&Scale is a manual herb-grinder integrated with a highly accurate scale, along with an application, to control each session in a single easy step.

It’s very simple to use GRAMSS Grinder&Scale. First, you turn on your Grinder&Scale and GRAMSS application on your smartphone, and it will connect automatically. Secondly, set your Grinder&Scale in one of the scaling positions. Last, scale your session, and don’t forget to save it to track it back.

GRAMSS Grinder&Scale is highly accurate, at 10 mg accuracy with a max capacity of 50 grams, according to the scaling setup. The maximum capacity for micro-dosing is about 350mg (0.35g).

NO! GRAMSS Grinder&Scale only provides the ability to control each session, in a single simple step.

GRAMSS application provides the ability:

1. to scale each session through your Grinder&Scale;

2. to run a full consuming diary and share it, with the Dr. for example;

3. to customize your experience according to the physical parameter and needs.

Controlling is crucial for both types of consumers. The cannabis community must have the tools to consume cannabis safely & responsibly. GRAMSS provides solutions both for medical and recreational use, according to the legal status in each market we operate.

After each scale you save you will receive a short survey asking you to rate your session. GRAMSS algorithm learns all the consumer’s survives in the platform, to rate you the most suited strain according to the physical parameter and need.

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